Complete Chute Transponder / RFID Digital Scoring System

Complete Chute Transponder / RFID Digital Scoring System. Includes Reader with built in antenna, high performance external antenna with cable, Power Over Ethernet (POE) adaptor, Router, 3 Ethernet cables (1-100ft, 2-4ft), and MotoSponder Software. Bring Transponder scoring to your track today and stream LIVE race data to your spectators with Wi-Fi enabled web browser devices. This is MotoSponder's most economical system designed to monitor a Finish Line width up to 15ft. This system is designed for Hare Scramble / Cross Country racing where a chute is used to funnel riders down to a narrow path moving at slower speeds.

MotoSponder's Ultra Tag w/printed ID and Barcode. The sensitivity / detect ability of this Tag is superior on metal (Stock Car, Sprint Car, etc) as well as plastic, fiberglass, and other surfaces. This is MotoSponder's most versitile durable tag and is completely waterproof.

Cost: $6.00 per tag (minimum order 100) - 2-3 week lead time.

MotoSponder's Double Tag w/printed ID provides absolutely phenomenal detection results. Two separate tags (same as the $1 Single tag) with the same ID programmed and printed on each tag allowing the user to mount two tags on the kart, car, motorcycle, bike, snowmobile, helmet visor, windshield, behind number plate, etc. for best detection results. For example, mount one tag on kart body over each front wheel provides superior detection results at speeds of 70mph+.

Cost: $2.00 per set (no minimum)


MotoSponder's Single Tag with human readable ID and Barcode. The sensitivity / detect ability of this Tag is superior when compared to other passive tags.

This is MotoSponder's most popular tag of choice!

Cost: $1.00 per tag (no minimum)

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