MotoSponder demo software download page. 

This is a fully functional demo version of the software with a built-in "rider(s) simulator". You need to install these files with a user that has full Administrator privileges. If your computer does not already have a Java JRE installed (open Command Prompt window and type "java -version" to see if your computer already has installed) then download the jre-8u172-windows-x86.exe file first and then just double click to install the Java JRE. Next download the easywamp1.1.exe file and double click to install the database and web server software. Next, download the msdrInstall.jar file (if this file downloads as be sure to rename to msdrInstall.jar) and double click to install the MotoSponder application software. During the installation of the MotoSponder software be sure to check the box that will create shortcut icons on your desktop (one to start the app, on to access the database, one to open a web browser). The first thing you will need to do after starting the MotoSponder application is to create the database (DB Admin --> Create Database...). Next, enter some transponder IDs (DB Admin --> TransponderIds and then click Add New several times). Now you can enter riders into the system as each rider must have a transponder ID assigned to them. When you create an Event (Event --> Create Event) set the Absolute Min Lap Time (mm:ss) to 00:30. This setting works well with the simulator that is outputting lap times every 2 minutes. The Demo version of the software has a built in simulator that simulates riders passing the RFID reader/antenna at the finish line every 2 minutes. When you Start Capture all the riders you have entered in a Race Group will be started with 1 second interval between each. The simulated riders will continue to complete laps every 2 minutes until you click Stop Capture. The lap times for each rider on the Live Capture window will update every 2 minutes until Stop Capture is clicked.

Although this demo will give you a feel for the race management software capabilities (love them or hate them) the real strength of the MotoSponder system is the reader/antenna/transponder tags used. MotoSponder exclusively uses the latest RFID technology provided by Alien Technology to ensure the system has the best detection capability. The tags are THE MOST important aspect of a RFID system and Alien produces the best tag (most sensitive) on the market today.

The user MUST have Administrator privileges to install the software.

Supported Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Please read the Software Installation section of the User's Manual before attempting to install.  

Please install the easywamp1.1.exe package first and then the msdrInstall.jar package second.

NOTE: You must have a Java JRE installed on your computer in order to install the msdrInstall.jar package. If not please download and install JRE file below.

For each file below right-click and select "Save Target As..." to download, and save on your computer.

The msdrInstall.jar file may try to download to your computer as If this happens just manually replace "" with "msdrInstall.jar" in the "Save As" dialog window's "File Name:" field. You can also navigate to the save directory and manually change the extension from .zip to .jar. This file MUST have the .jar extension or it will not install.

After downloading to your computer, double-click on the file to install each in the following order:

1) jre-8u172-windows-x64.exe ( Only if your computer doesn't have already have a Java JRE installed.

2) easywamp1.1.exe

3) msdrInstall.jar

During MotoSponder install if user gets access error for C:\Windows\php.ini this indicates the user does not have full administrator privileges so just manually copy installDir\config\php.ini to C:\Windows and re-install by double-clicking on the msdrInstall.jar file again.


User's Manual (pdf)


msdrInstall.jar ver 24.2 DEMO




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